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New England Cap performs in-house custom embroidery services for your logos, designs, and personalizations. We can take your napkin sketches, digital photographs, or professionally designed logos and create automated embroidery files to your satisfaction. Changing artwork to embroidery files requires a one-time setup fee, but it will be competitively-priced along with all of our services. See our FAQ’s section below for more information.

The wide selection of available logo-ready apparel makes it easy to find exactly what you need for your events and promotions. We have a number of third-party vendors supplying us with the highest quality products available. Below are links to some of our preferred vendors but please call us if you don’t see what you need.

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Embroidery FAQ’s

Q: I want to place an order, what is the best way?

You may call, send an email, or make an appointment to stop by. Email is always the preferred communication method as we can refer back to the details of any conversation we’ve had with you. All approvals are done through email. Please see our contact page.

Q: Do you embroider and screenprint apparel other than just hats?

Yes, we embroider and screenprint all kinds of merchandise, not just hats. You can browse through our online merchandise, or you may provide your own. However, if you do supply your own merchandise for embroidery, please take note of our disclaimer:

Disclaimer—-New England Cap and Embroidery (“NEC”) uses only top-quality garments and other items in our business. The high-quality items we use are proven to embroider without problems. If you, the Customer, request or require we use your items and/or garments for embroidery, the following will apply: NEC takes every effort to ensure a job that meets your satisfaction, but will NOT be responsible for replacing any items provided by Customer should they get damaged in the embroidering process or for human errors. We cannot guarantee embroidery quality on Customer-furnished items unless if a sample is done first. The Customer is responsible for ensuring their own items are free from any defects and flaws prior to delivery to the Seller. The Customer should allow a 3% spoilage factor. All extra’s can be returned or embroidered. I certify I have read and understand the above disclaimer.


Q: What should I do, screenprinting or embroidery?

As far as quality goes, screenprinting and embroidery are nearly equal, but some decoration is better in one format over another.

  • Aesthetically, it’s a subjective choice, but generally, embroidery is considered more elegant and will be found more on higher quality garments.
  • Embroidery thread adds a dimensional and textural aspect that screenprinting doesn’t, but screenprinting can provide details and a crispness that embroidery can’t at small sizes.
  • Embroidery is charged by the number of stitches, which increases with the size of a design and complexity, whereas screenprinting is charged by the number of screens (closely related to the number of colors).
  • Embroidery has a one-time initial setup charge, whereas screenprinting has a high initial setup charge, but also a lower rescreen charge on later production runs.

So price wise, if your design is large with one or a few colors and you don’t think you’ll rerun the design, screenprinting is probably a better choice. If you have a lot of colors, and you plan on rerunning the design as you sell or use up garments, embroidery is a better choice.

Q: What do I need to run embroidery or screenprinting with your company?

Before we can give you a quote or even tell you if embroidery or screenprinting is possible, we need to have artwork and know what type of item it will be on.

We would also need an approximate size of the logo. We are limited by the embroidery hoop and screen sizes, but knowing an approximate size can help us give you the best advice.

Q: What kind of artwork do you need for embroidery or screenprinting?

The artwork can be in any form for embroidery (except hand-drawn) as long as the details are well defined. For screenprinting, we need vector artwork that will scale to an infinite size while maintaining the same detail. If you are just looking to have lettering done, we don’t generally need artwork unless the font is critical.

Q: Are there standard sizes for embroidery and screenprinting?

Yes. Sleeve logos and left or right chest logos are rarely larger than 4″ wide or high. They are usually around 2.5″ to 3″ wide if the detail is discernible at that size. Subtle logos can be around 1″ – 1.5″ high or wide.

Back and center chest logos are typically 8″ – 10″ wide.

Finished cap front and side logos can be no larger than 2.25″ high, but logos on our hats can be 3″ high since they can be embroidered before the cap is constructed.

Q: How can I give you a specific color for my artwork?

The industry standard is to use Pantone or PMS colors. We prefer to use three digit PMS color codes as they are older and most ink and thread companies have direct conversions for them.

Q: What is a screenprint setup and why do I have to pay for that?

Screenprinting is done with a series of masks or screens that permit a certain color on to the garment, so each color needs it’s own screen. The initial screenprinting setup involves separating the colors so the masks can be created at a requested size. Size changes may require additional fees. The setup also includes a digital mockup of the design on the garment. Conversion to a vector file format is not included in the setup charge. We prefer to receive the artwork file in vector format, but if that is not possible, we can convert the file for an additional charge.

Q: What is an embroidery setup and why do I have to pay for that?

The embroidery setup includes the conversion of an artwork file to an embroidery machine file format at the size requested, tweaking for best performance on our machines, a sewout of the embroidery, and a revised sewout to meet your satisfaction. Embroidery files may be resized up to 20% without additional charges. Further size changes may require additional charges.

Q: I already have embroidery files from a job done at a different embroiderer. Can I use those without paying a setup fee?

Yes you can. But when we are given embroidery files, we run them as they are. If you want an initial sewout so we can be sure the file is good and what you expect, there will be a $5.00 charge. If we have to make small edits, there is a $15.00 charge. Significant changes will need to be evaluated for charges.

Q: What is the minimum quantity for an embroidery order?

Our minimum quantity for embroidery is 12 pieces, but during slower periods or if we have already done work for you with the same design, we may waive the minimum quantity requirement.

Q: What is the minimum quantity for a screenprinting order?

Our minimum quantity for screenprinting is 10 pieces.

Q: Can I get the side of the hats or visors embroidered?

Yes, but keep in mind that some side logo placement may require us to embroider through the sweatband unless the product is manufactured in our facility.

Q: Do you do applique embroidery with felt?

Yes we do and the cost is generally not much more than regular embroidery.

Q: Do you do 3D puff embroidery?

Yes we do, but it is a premium service with a premium price. Please contact us for pricing.

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